Q) Who is behind this zine?

We are SVDD! We’re a group of impassioned fans of the show who wanted to find a way to contribute a little something to the fandom. You can read more about our mods here.

Q) Who’s participating in the zine?

You can see our full list of contributors here! And we have little blurbs about each person in the #contributor spotlight tag

Q) How NSFW is this zine?

Our target is to allow anything from general-audiences approved art and fic all the way to explicit. Please keep this in mind before ordering.

Q) Are there going to be age restrictions?

As this will be a NSFW zine, we will ask that all contributors and buyers be 18+.

Q) How do we contact the mods?

You can contact us via the "Contact" link at the top of the page. Our Tumblr askbox is always open! And we are also available through Twitter or our email (yoinauticalzine@gmail.com). If you are a participant, you can also ping us in the nautical zine Discord server.



The Summary Posts:

Pre-Order Information

Shipping Information

Q) Are pre-orders limited?

Pre-orders will be limited to 200 for the first round of each merch bundle, and unlimited for the zine only! The second round of the full bundle will be limited to 100 and will be sold starting January 6, 2018 at 9 AM PST (UTC-8). The second round of full bundle pre-orders will be shipped after all first round packages have been sent, around the second half of March.

Q) Will there be a PDF version for sale?

Yes. Once shipping of orders is complete and people begin to receive their zines, a PDF will be made available. This is to ensure that it’s fair to those who ordered a physical copy, and also to offer the zine to those who might have missed the physical pre-order period.

In addition, all orders of a physical copy of the zine (or a bundle purchase) will include a discount code for 50% off a copy of the PDF. An email will be sent out with the code when PDFs are ready to be sold (we will also announce it on all social media sites). After purchasing the PDF, you will be sent a unique PDF download link via email.

Q) Will you be shipping internationally?


Q) How much is shipping?

Domestically (in the US), shipping is $6. International is $12.

Q) What payment methods will be accepted?

We will be using PayPal. Credit/Debit cards can still be used without need of a PayPal account.

Q) When will my zine be shipped?

We estimate a shipping date of late February through early March.

Q) Can I change my shipping address after I order?

Yes. As long as your order has not been marked as shipped, please contact us through the store's Contact page or via our email (yoinauticalzine@gmail.com) and let us know your order number as well as your new address.

Q) How will zines be packaged?

The packages will be in plain envelopes, either white or brown, with only the shipping labels and postage (and custom forms saying “artbook, lanyard, stickers, etc” for international orders) on them.

The From label will say either “Fair Winds and Following Seas” or “FW&FS”.

Q) Will NSFW works be clearly marked?

Yes, the NSFW portion of the zine will be in a separate section with a clear separation marker.